Encouraging people to embrace their authentic selves and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives with Health Esteem.

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How We Do It

The only company to deliver all the components of a complete Health Esteem Routine.

Our platform anticipates the challenges people face with fitness and nutrition. Through workout programs and eating plans built for real life plus mindset-building content to set a strong foundation, we help them navigate those challenges and build sustainable healthy habits.



With over 20 years of proven success, we have set the benchmark for community-based in-home fitness. In addition to the thousands of workouts and 100+ programs we’re known for, in 2023 we added BODi Blocks and Super Blocks, new workout programs released monthly that are based in the science of block periodization.



Partnering with registered nutritionists and culinary experts, we developed two eating plans and a suite of supplements to help people take control of the nutritional aspects of their Health Esteem routine. Each eating plan is designed to fit within people’s individual lifestyles and our supplements are scientifically proven to provide nutrition and energy.

Petra Kolber Mindset


In 2023, we unveiled an entire channel devoted to monthly Mindset classes. Led by renowned fitness expert-turned-author and positive psychology performance coach, Petra Kolber, Mindset offers weekly video content, master classes, and a community to show that wellness is not about achieving a social “ideal,” but achieving your ideal life.

Peer Support


Our community comprises world-renowned trainers, top nutritionists and scientists, customers-turned-support coaches, and over 2 million customers – all providing the necessary motivation and accountability for success. We help customers stay accountable – connecting directly with Coaches and friends to receive support and track progress – helping people to stay committed and achieve their goals.

Worker in a lab coat calculating values

Backed by science

The market is crowded with workouts, eating plans, and supplements. But most miss the critical elements needed to help people sustain healthy habits. Developed by world-class scientists, trainers and nutritionists, our products and programs are proven to keep people engaged and deliver results.

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Beachbody foundation

Our mission extends beyond Health Esteem, our staff, and our customers. The Beachbody Foundation works consistently with philanthropic entrepreneurs to serve those less fortunate and to reflect the core values we aspire to achieve.