Helping People Achieve Their Goals To Lead Healthy Fulfilling Lives, with engaging content, nutrition, high quality connected equipment, and most important; People helping people!

Our purpose.

Two decades of helping people change their behavior to get healthy, long-term results has proven one thing to us: We continue to grow because we never stop innovating. Everything we do at The Beachbody Company is designed to help more people succeed. We know how hard it is, and are constantly working to help more people get the results that are important to them – no matter their fitness level, lifestyle or location.



The muscle behind online and virtual fitness.

The Beachbody Company is a market-leading health and wellness enterprise. We have developed some of the industry’s most innovative and effective fitness solutions. Our business leverages a proven and profitable model based on best-in-class programming, ongoing customer acquisition efforts, and key lifetime revenue drivers. Most importantly, we don't cut corners when it comes to helping people get the results that matter to them. And that's why they trust us.

Our balanced approach.

From digital-streaming to supplements, our ever-expanding portfolio lives at the intersection of fitness, nutrition and peer support. We pair a wide variety of expert-led workouts with comprehensive nutrition guides, calendars and supplements, each proven to produce results. To keep members engaged and attract new customers, we are constantly developing new content, introducing new products, and enabling a network of support with no equal. Our community comprises world-renowned trainers, top nutritionists and scientists, thousands of customers-turned-support coaches, and over 2 million customers – all providing the necessary motivation and accountability for success.


Success at every interval.

Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, our Company began as a direct marketing business focused on workout DVDs, nutrition planning and supplements.

In just 20 years, we have evolved into a diversified holding company, offering both streamed and live fitness and nutrition programs as well as a broad range of products across our industry-leading platforms. Since inception, our solutions have empowered nearly 25 million customers to earn life-changing results.